What are Bitcoin mixers, what are they for, and how they work

Bitcoin Mixer is an online service designed to mix Bitcoin from different users to obfuscate traces and make it impossible to identify the source of transactions. In other words, the goal of this platform is to increase the level of cryptocurrency privacy. After such mixing, it will not work to calculate the sender / recipient.

When carrying out a transaction with Bitcoin, it is recorded in the blockchain registry. This system is transparent, which eliminates fraud on the Internet and the risk of managing operations by a third party (for example, a bank or government). This transparency improves security. To eliminate such problems, mixing platforms are used.

In other words, maintaining confidentiality is the main reason for using a Bitcoin mixer. Today, such services are used in the following cases:

  • Purchases and P2P payments. When conducting transactions, the user cannot be sure of anonymity, because an experienced person will be able to trace the transactions. So, any person who has previously signed a smart contract will know the wallet number and monitor the movement of funds in it. Using a Bitcoin mixer helps protect against fraudulent schemes.
  • Protection from cybercriminals. Experienced hackers quickly find wallets with a lot of coins and monitor the movement of funds. They are waiting for when it will be possible to empty the store and leave the owner without money. Timely application of the Bitcoin mixer can confuse intruders and make them lose their trail.
  • Police protection. Despite the absence of illegal actions on your part at the moment, tomorrow the steps taken may turn out to be illegal. You can avoid this by constantly mixing transactions with cryptocurrency.

Using a Bitcoin mixer is the best method to hide the paths of transactions, protecting yourself from scammers, cybercriminals, police and various analysts. In this case, it does not matter for what uses the cryptocurrency. The fewer people know the wallet address and the amount on it, the higher the security level.

Consider the legal status of Bitcoin. If the circulation of cryptocurrency is prohibited in the country, then the use of mixing services is unlikely to be under control. In the case when virtual money is legalized, then the use of bitcoins. The use of mixers is especially relevant in countries where cryptocurrency is not yet regulated. In this way, you can maintain confidentiality and protect yourself from strangers.

How it works

A cryptocurrency mixer is essential for confidentiality when trading Bitcoin. When a person performs such an operation, it is broken down into many small parts, followed by mixing of transactions. Thanks to this feature, you can make a translation that no one will ever be able to track.

For the level of reliability, you can split one transaction for sending to the desired address. In this way, you can hide the exact amount that was sent to another user. Mixers distribute money between different wallets and thereby eliminate the risk of tracking down a transaction to zero. For such work, from 0.5 to 5% is taken, depending on the amount and policy of the site.

For a better understanding, here’s a simple example. Let’s say you need to buy some kind of medicine that is included in the country. To complete a transaction, you need to send BTC to a wallet. In such cases, the following steps need to be taken:

  • Buy Bitcoins if you don’t have them.
  • Upload cryptocurrency to one of the platforms on the Darknet.
  • Buy a product.
  • Take the balance after the operation of transferring money to a new wallet. Alternatively, send them to one of the cryptocurrency mixers.

If the task is to conduct a regular transaction, pass it through the mixer and thereby increase the level of confidentiality. These are the simplest examples.

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