Top Bitcoin Mixers / Cryptocurrency Mixers in 2021

Although bitcoin is considered a confidential cryptocurrency, it still retains its digital footprint, which stores information about where and where the transactions originated from. Therefore, if necessary, you can find out information about you and find you.
There are cryptocurrency mixers for anonymous transfers

Be aware that all BTC that you purchase and send to various wallets is completely transparent. These are not anonymous transactions.

Therefore, every interested person will be able to calculate information about you, about all transactions
It is about anonymous transactions and the clearing of crypto coins that will be discussed today. We will tell you about such services as — cryptocurrency mixers.

cryptocurrency mixers

Bitcoin mixers, also called laundries, laundry, mixers, tumblers, are a service that makes your cryptocurrency completely «clean». Acting on the algorithm of mixing and breaking crypto coins — it breaks any connection between the sending and receiving wallets.

Let’s understand «what are cryptocurrency mixers and how they work»

We have already figured out that Bitcoin transactions are transparent. Also, almost all exchanges require personal information from you and confirm it, each operation is recorded by the blockchain, which is also transparent and open to everyone.

Hence, anyone can view your transaction history.
A great example is the leaked report in which the US and the Security Agency tried to track every cryptocurrency user and analyze the transfers.

It is not only law enforcement agencies that can calculate illegal or «dirty» cryptocoins. There are services that track transactions from sites of the darknet markets and various gambling games.
Many services do not accept funds received from such sites.
It is assumed that the main reason is that gambling sites or black shops are used to «launder» currency, where not a small part is transferred from the Darknet.


This resource works according to the principle: BitMix collects crypto coins into a general reserve, mixes them and sends funds to its users. As a result, you receive cleared bitcoins from a huge number of different wallets, thereby the connection of the cryptocurrency is completely cut off and such BTC cannot be traced.

This Bitcoin mixer sends you a letter of guarantee, which is proof of BitMix that a transaction address has been created for you.
This letter is always signed by the administration of the BitMix service, so everything is strict with the security of this service, you can not worry about your crypto coins.

The service also sends you its own code, which gives you a guarantee that you will never receive the exact bitcoins that you processed in the bitcoin mixer.
Save the code, it is needed for the referral program.

Also, the resource uses an affiliate program. You get paid for the users you invite. After the client you invited makes the first transaction, you will receive a monetary reward.

Bitmix is ​​one of the most trusted confidential mixers:

No registration or personal data is required from you.
The entire digital trail of transactions is destroyed after two days.
The randomizer makes the chance of being tracked down by the blockchain almost impossible many times over.

There is also support for Tor Browser .
There is a separate link for the Tor browser — BitMix

At the time of this writing, BitMix is ​​the top 1 Bitcoin mixer. Our team recommends this service!


It works as follows: this service has its own cryptocurrency reserve, you can consider it in the form of a chain of crypto coins. That is, when you conduct an operation through Blender io, the resource sends your bitcoins to the end of the chain and gives you the coins that were at the beginning of this chain, so you get a currency that is not connected with you, your wallets and past coins. < br> In the public registry, you can track only those coins that go from you to Blender io, but you and no one else can track its further path.

cryptocurrency mixers

In order to use the Blender io service, you do not need to register and provide your personal information, except for the wallet from which the operation will take place, nothing is required from you. The service keeps its customers anonymous.

On this site, it is possible to set a time delay, this increases the percentage of anonymity. Also, you can install multiple withdrawal wallets with additional commission.


Anonymix io ​​service — cleans bitcoins and allows you to hide your cryptocurrency transactions.

Anonymix currently has a withdrawal limit. Therefore, users are advised to replenish funds in an amount greater than 0.03500000 BTC, also do not forget to take into account the commission, otherwise you will have problems with the withdrawal of cryptocoins.

Each client is assigned 5 output addresses.

If you have any problems, you can always contact those. support, on the site they are online 24/7. They will help you with any Anonymix io ​​questions. Also, the transaction log is kept in the database for seven days, after which it is liquidated.

The site operates on a separate dedicated server. It works fine through a regular browser and does not require Tor browser for this. Bitcoin mixer has auto-protection and automatically blocks suspicious activity on the site.

Mixer Money

How it works: after you send funds to Mixer Money, the service crushes your coin into small pieces and sends them to different addresses, mixing them with other clients’ cryptocoins or reserve stocks. At the output, you also receive your bitcoin amount in pieces from various addresses. Such an algorithm quite confuses the paths and makes it very difficult to analyze the blockchain.

top bitcoin mixers

The peculiarity of this site is that it has 2 different mixing methods.
Cleaning of «dirty» occurs in automatic mode 24/7.

One way to mix is ​​through the Mixer Money service using foreign exchanges.
Also, a guarantor with a PGP signature is used.

The mixing process will take up to 6 hours. Note that this is not the longest waiting time, in other services it can take 1-2 days

You don’t need to register here either.


SmartMix, like all Bitcoin mixers, provides you with anonymity, protection and privacy. But at the same time, SmartMix uses unique features and various perks that make it stand out from the rest.

To get the maximum profit from using a bitcoin mixer, you need to use a completely new wallet to withdraw cleared crypto coins. In this way, they will be completely anonymous and there will be no traces or connections with the previous wallet and old coins.

cryptocurrency mixers

SmartMix has a small commission of 0.5% of the amount. It is possible to set up 5 weekend wallets.

This site offers a unique opportunity, you can delete all your transaction history on the service immediately after completing them!
That is, you yourself keep a journal of translations, if you want to increase the percentage of anonymity, then delete the journal entries immediately after the process of clearing bitcoins is over.

The service has a very user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to understand.

There is also a referral program, that is, when you share a link, you earn every time customers use your link.

SmartMix has a loyalty reward system. The more you use the service, the more you will be able to save.

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry works by breaking the link between BTC and the old wallet. Like the rest of the bitcoin mixers, this bitcoin blender works completely anonymously and provides you with pure crypto coins as an output.

top bitcoin mixers

One of the advantages of this site is the commission, the service team keeps it at a low level, for the convenience of users. Also, this service works according to the donation scheme. They do not charge service fees, only for the operation itself 0.0002 BTC to the withdrawal wallet.

Here you can set 5 addresses and you can specify the amount to be transferred to each of the wallets.

There is a choice of delay, both preset and random amount of time. Let us remind you that the longer the delay time, the greater the percentage of elusiveness of cryptocoins.

After the completion of the transaction after seven days, the history log is completely erased, and the service also provides the opportunity to do it yourself. Therefore, if it is important for you that the digital trail of the transfer is not saved anywhere, then Bitcoin Laundry gives you this opportunity.

Bitcoin Fog

Bitcoin Fog is a cryptocurrency mixer, here you can hide all your previous transfers.

The Bitcoin Fog service currently has a minimum exit limit of 0.03500000 BTC, so users are advised to carry out transactions greater than this threshold, as you should always take into account the commission.

The client is given the opportunity to set up to 5 exit addresses.

For all questions you are interested in, you can contact those. support, on this site she is very responsive and will help you solve any problems or misunderstandings regarding the Bitcoin Fog service.

Here also the logs are deleted automatically after 7 days.

The service is located on a dedicated server that is open to regular browsers. A Tor browser is not needed for this site. This service offers all the standard features of a bitcoin mixer.


The main difference between this bitcoin toggle switch is that MixTum uses bitcoins to mix coins that were previously purchased from various cryptocurrency exchanges.
All Cryptocoins are checked by the MixTum io service, using scoring and modern algorithms. In general, you get pure bitcoins with the ability to withdraw to different wallets, if you wish.

The mixing process takes from 5-7 hours to the site.
This bitcoin toggle switch does not require you to register and does not save the history of transactions, the log is simply not kept.

Technical support works 24/7. After any operation you have completed, you will receive a letter from the guarantor, all information contained in the letter is deleted after 1 day.

MixTum io has a commission of 5% on client transfers.
The site has 2 versions of the site, both for regular sites and for Tor browser .


CryptoMixer is a bitcoin mixer that has little experience in the market and thus this service has a large volume of transactions.

top bitcoin mixers

CryptoMixer has a minimum transfer size of 0.001 BTC, this is a mandatory threshold set by this service. If you have transferred an amount less than this threshold, you will not be able to process it yet, take this into account.
Commission — 0.5% for each transfer.

Just like in the mixers mentioned above, this service provides you with a letter of guarantee.

Grams Helix

Grams Helix is ​​by far one of the most popular bitcoin mixers on the darknet.

cryptocurrency mixers

This is a unique service that uses technology that is completely different from competitors. The peculiarity of this «dark» service is that Grams Helix does not clear your crypto coins, it gives you new ones!

The operation takes no more than four hours.
This service has another distinguishing feature, in order to use the Grams Helix mixer you need to create an account, in a branch of the Helix service, in Helix Light and Helix Market, registration is not required.
Also, Grams has some 0.01 BTC entry fee.

Helix gives you the ability to select multiple output addresses thanks to the Auto-Helix option.
The service uses a «no log» policy, which means that upon completion of the operation, after seven days, the translation log is deleted.

Helix uses its own private server not affiliated with Grams. Many programs related to cryptocurrency are not located on their servers. That is, with any DDoS attacks and the like, this will not affect the performance of the Helix service.


PrivCoin does not limit itself to mixing coins, it can also work as a swap. That is, you can change the currency to a different one that you entered — this greatly increases anonymity

The mixer on PrivCoin allows you to set your commission, the bottom line is that the higher the commission, the higher the% of privacy.
As in previous mixers, you are given the opportunity to set a delay in issuing coins, with a daily delay, you will greatly increase your anonymity and completely sever the digital connection between wallets and crypto coins.

Also, this resource has a huge stock of crypto coins in reserve, so all transactions take place almost immediately after the transfer is confirmed.
The minimum transfer is from 0.01 BTC. If the service receives an amount less than the specified threshold, then this is considered a «donation», so keep an eye on this, the PrivCoin io service will not give you this money.

Bitcoin Blender

BitBlender is very easy to use. This service has a huge experience, it has existed on the darknet for quite a long time.

cryptocurrency mixers

The commission for this bitcoin mixer is 1-3%, you also have the opportunity to send to 10 different wallets in order to increase privacy.

In order to receive a complete set of all BitBlender options, you must register. But the BitBlender service also respects those who do not want to register, and if you need to clear bitcoins quickly, then you can do it without creating an account.
When using fast mixing, you are issued a guarantee code that you will not receive the sent bitcoins back, only new ones.

BitBlender gives you 2 options. Auto-Withdrawal and Quick-Withdraw.

Auto-Withdrawal — for those who often and regularly clean up cryptocoins.
Quick-Withdraw is perfect for anyone who wants to mix coins quickly without registration or delays.

BTC Blender

BTC Blender is the simplest and most intuitive, it erases bitcoins quickly and efficiently.

cryptocurrency mixers

After the first confirmation of the transaction, your transaction will be processed, cleared bitcoins will be immediately sent to you.
You can also set the delay and choose its exact time.

This is an offshore service that gives you complete confidence and a guarantee of the operation and its absolute confidentiality. The fate of the magazine is also in your hands, you have the right to delete it at any time.

Commission 0.5%. BTC Blender is a great option for mixing large amounts.


This article was written for you so that you have an idea of ​​such services. Your anonymity is in your hands. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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