How to transfer bitcoins anonymously and store them correctly: says Mixer.Money

mixer money bitcoin tumbler — we make Bitcoin anonymous. Get the cleanest coins from stock exchanges.

14% of the participants in the annual ForkLog survey do not know and do not understand how a Bitcoin mixer works. It is much easier than it seems at first glance, a Bitcoin mixer takes your crypto coins and mixes between other coins of the same users.

Here we, together with mixer money, will tell you about clearing BTC: how it works and why this procedure is needed.

The platform runs scoring for each incoming coin to check its reliability and purchase it for its reserves. The service maintains contact with more than 100 funds around the world. Dirty coins do not go through. Validated money goes to transit wallets and is used to ensure that customer transactions are not tracked.

The usual mix of bitcoins

Bitcoin mixer breaks the UTXO connection between sender and receiver. As a result, it makes it impossible to trace the identity of the sender in any way, leaving no chance for fraudsters.

There are usually several mixing modes on popular bitcoin mixers. Each of the modes differs in mixing duration, cost, and mixing strength.

Mixer Money has 3 modes: «Mixer», «Full anonymity» and «Exact payment».

A simple blending mode is Mixer. It will provide you with basic anonymity. It takes about 2 hours to mix. But this mode also has drawbacks, it will not provide you with advanced analytics. And also, there is a chance to get a dirty crypto coin

Difficult bitcoin mixing mode

To receive fully cleared coins, use the «Full anonymity» mode.

To mix BTC better, put 2 addresses for accepting coins. To complicate the cluster system and taint analytics, will send you a part to one address and a part to another.

An example of the operation of the «Full anonymity» mode:

The «Spot payment» mode allows the client to choose the amount that will be sent to the first and second addresses, the mixer will automatically deduct the commission from the first and second transactions.

Is it safe to use a bitcoin mixer? creates a new Bitcoin wallet for each transaction. Bitcoin tumblers, as a rule, do not store logs in the database, they are automatically deleted.

According to the data provided to us by, no more than 10% of transactions are associated with illegal activities. Thus, it can be concluded that the rest of them use the bitcoin mixer for the sake of maintaining their anonymity.

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